New Brevini® winch series launched – bringing greater safety and efficiency for industrial and mobile applications

Building on over four decades of expertise in the winch sector through Dana Brevini Motion Systems, Dana Inc. launched their new high-performance Brevini® Evolution Series of winches at Intermat, Paris.

New Brevini® winch launched at Intermat, Paris

Industrial applications

Tailored to meet the needs of the industrial market, the new Brevini® Evolution Series of winches is designed for drilling rigs, rubber tyre gantry cranes, and many other stationary industrial applications in the marine and offshore sectors. These winches are equipped with high-speed Brevini® hydraulic motors and a wide range of controls. All four models launched to-date can be equipped with a second safety brake that allows them to be used as personnel lifting winches in marine and offshore applications.

Features and accessories include:

  • Smooth or grooved drum
  • Fixed or variable displacement Brevini® high-speed axial piston motor
  • Pressure roller
  • Electric or hydraulic limit switch
  • Electric or hydraulic rotary limit switch
  • Speed sensor

BWE Series winches are designed to meet the standards of the major certification bodies in marine and offshore applications.

BWE for mobile and industrial applications

Construction and Mobile

Offering lift capacities from 8.5 to 16 tonnes, the first four of the new winches are designed for medium-sized crawler cranes and rough-terrain cranes. Aziz Aghili, president of Dana Off-Highway Drive and Motion technologies explains,
“In construction applications, safety and performance are always top priorities. To meet these needs, we are engineering the next generation of winches with best-in-class safety, efficiency, and control. Dana’s unique offering includes a fully integrated system that provides end users with the tools necessary to avoid damage to the winch and the crane, and most importantly, protect personnel on the jobsite.”

BWE series offshore application for personnel lifting winch

Future developments in the series

Smaller winch sizes in the new series will be introduced in the fourth quarter of this year, while larger versions to support lift capacities from 22 to 30 tonnes will be available in 2019. In total, the range will offer 13 different sizes to support lift capacities from 990kg.

Martin Terjesen, head of technical sales for Dana Inc. Service and Assembly Centres UK, comments,
“Years of experience working with our customers at Brevini UK as well as globally have informed the development of the new range. With the four winches launched at Intermat and the new versions launching this year and next, the Evolution Series is a valuable addition to the choice of Brevini winches for our UK customer base.”

For more information, view the Brevini® Evolution Series winches brochure

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