Gear types

Planetary gears

Our knowledge of planetary gearboxes, also known as epicyclic gearboxes, is second to none. We understand their design, their high torque and their exceptional mechanical capabilities – which makes us the logical choice for repair and refurbishment, no matter it’s one of our own products or a product from another manufacturer.

Helical gearing

PIV, part of the Dana Group, manufacture helical, bevel and bevel/helical gearboxes that are acknowledged to be the best in the world. Through PIV we have gained an unrivalled understanding of these types of drives.

PIV legacy variators

PIV invented the world’s first continuously variable transmission drives in Germany over 90 years ago – the Positively Infinitely Variable chain variator. The company is now part of Dana. Many of PIV’s subsequent drives are still in use, such is their longevity. We have experience of repairing and refurbishing all types and ages of PIV drives, all of which we regard with engineering admiration. If you have a PIV legacy variator that needs attention, please get in touch.

Spur, bevels, worm and wheel

Spur, bevel, wheel gearboxes al have different mechanical characteristics that need to be understood if they are to be repaired or serviced properly. With years of experience we know our way around these gears better than anybody and can quickly and cost-effectively get units back to working with optimum efficiency.

Extrusion gearboxes

Not only do we have vast experience of refurbishing single and twin-screw extruders, we also manufacture these gearboxes. This allows us to bring unrivalled technical expertise to their repair and maintenance.


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